About us

Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) is the world’s largest Public-Private Partnership (PPP) project in the Metro rail sector. Metro rail and other forms of Mass Rapid Transport System (MRTS) are emerging as prominent infrastructure requirement offering a viable solution to the transportation woes that accompany urban expansion. Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) Project is an integrated urban transport development project with inter-modal connectivity and convenient sky walks that will mark the beginning of an era of seamless commuting across Hyderabad.

The main idea behind the concept of Metro Rail is to make sure commuters reach on time to work and not delayed on account of lack of rapid transport. Growing urbanisations has led to innumerable problems for commuters who are delayed on account of traffic jams. Metro Rail will allow them to bypass these traffic congestion barriers.

The driving force for conceptualizing Metro Rail in Hyderabad is on account of a dire need for an eco-friendly, solid and quick transport that would withstand the growing demands of an urban city like Hyderabad which is on the way of becoming a popular global destination.


Project Summary

It is the largest Public Private Partnership (PPP) in the world, in the Metro rail sector, with a total network of seventy-two kilometers spread across Hyderabad.

Hyderabad Metro Rail (HMR) will operate on three distinct lines – Blue, Green and Red, comfortably connected with existing Indian railways terminals, MMTS and bus stations along the corridors.

Eco friendly, fully automated and best-in-class transportation framework that will contribute to reduction in carbon footprints and overall pollution using Regenerative Braking Technology (RBT) and running on Communication Based Train Control (CBTC) technology.

Comfortable air-conditioned coaches that will reduce commuting time across the city.